Photographer Rikard Laving
Photographer Rikard Laving


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Rikard Laving was born in the year 1978, he is a self-taught photographer that lives in Nyköping. In 2002 Rikard started working on his first large scale project, documenting the all year camping called Flatenbadet outside Stockholm. After two years at the camping he got in touch with the Swedish photographer Anders Petersen who became his mentor until the project was finished. The photos were published by Journal as the book CARAVAN in the autumn of 2007.

In 2008 he started working on documenting the steel producing city of Oxelösund and in the spring 2012 the project was published as the book STEEL/WORK/CITY by Journal. The text in the book is written by Swedish poet and artist Mattias Alkberg.

In the fall of 2015 Svenska Fotoantikvariatet will release his new book PERMANENT VACATION. Rikard is currently working on finishing the series MENTAL.

Solo exhibitions
2007 Gallery Jonas Kleerup (Stockholm) "C A R A V A N"
2008 Gallery Formverk (Nyköping) "C A R A V A N"
2008 Gallery O (Oxelösund) "S T E E L / W O R K / C I T Y”
2012 Thirdfloorgallery (Cardiff, Wales) "C A R A V A N"
2012 Koordinaten (Oxelösund) "S T E E L / W O R K / C I T Y”
2013 Stockholms Fotoantikvariat “S T E E L / W O R K / C I T Y”
2014 Landskrona Fotofestival “S T E E L / W O R K / C I T Y“
2015 Stockholms Fotoantikvariat “P E R M A N E N T   V A C A T I O N”
2016 Breadfield (Malmö) “P E R M A N E N T   V A C A T I O N” (WINDOW PROJECT)
2018 Gallery O (Oxelösund) "A B S T R A C T   D I A L O G U E”
2018 Zigutamve Photography (Vienna) "A B S T R A C T   D I A L O G U E”
2019 Galleri Fiskhuset (Nyköping) “R E T R O S P E C T I V E”

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2007 Good Swedish Book art for the Da capo-book
2008 One-year-work-scholarship from Swedish Author's Foundation
2013 One-year-work-scholarship with higher amount from Swedish Author´s Foundation